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Discover a unique culinary experience in our 2-week program!
Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of Mediterranean gastronomy
as you explore its key products, which have defined our culinary tradition
and continue to inspire modern gastronomy.


Code program


2 weeks


Manresa (Barcelona)


14th October to 25th October 2024
Arrival to Manresa should be on the 13th of October and departure on the 25th of October.


2.875 €

Opening application

15th June 2024

Application requirements

Resume/Appl. Form/Appl. Fee/On-line Interview


15th September 2024

Program Syllabus


Learn about history, cultural aspects and traditions of Catalan products, recipes, pastry, desserts and wines. to discover the wines, cellers and catalan vineyards.

Knowledge Of Products

Local Key Ingredients

  • Artisan cheese and dairy products
  • Cold meats, ham, meat, poultry and eggs
  • Fish and seafood
  • Olive Oil, grains and beans
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Spices and aromatic herbs


Cooking Styles

  • Cooking with fire and low-temperature cooking
  • Traditional sauces and condiments
  • Traditional stews

Creativity, Innovation And New Techniques

  • Modern food plating trends & presentation styles
  • New cooking technology

Cooking And Health: The 21st Century Challenge

  • The Mediterranean diet
  • Farm to table concept



Monday 1st – Catalan wines – visit to vineyard
Tuesday 2nd – Paellas – practical
Wednesday 3rd – Sea and mountain products – practical
Thursday 4th – Route of the mussels and oysters farm – day sea trip
Friday 5th – Catalan barbecue – day trip


Monday 8th – Catalan cheese – day trip La Seu d’Urgell
Tuesday 9th – Fresh fish – practical
Wednesday 10th – Olive Oil tasting and sauces – practical
Thursday 11th – Catalan pastry and desserts – practical
Friday 12th – Fundació Alicia, Ferran Adrià’s lab. Farewell lunch at L’Ò (1 Michelin star restaurant), Sant Benet de Bages – day trip

Includes visits to vineyards and wine tastings, sea excursion to Musclarium in La Ràpita, an overview of Catalan desserts, excursion to cheese local producers and tasting, practical learning in the kitchen and degustation of all the meals prepared. Private transport to all field trips.
Accompanied by Chefs and Sommeliers from JOVIAT.


This program combines learning about traditional and modern cooking methods, local products, practical hands-on learning experiences to elaborate recipes including a wide range of ingredients and techniques to achieve a good knowledge of the Mediterranean gastronomy.
The program includes experiencing the freshness of the fish, oysters and mussels by sailing on a boat on the Mediterranean, fishing and tasting it all. Travelling to the Pyrenees to learn about the cheese elaboration and different types of cheese produced in the region. Wine workshops to learn and taste the most renowned wines produced in Catalunya, Vins de Finca. Elaboration of deserts, breads and pastry to finalize this immersive program in Mediterranean gastronomy.

Asstesment system

The competence and training evaluation focuses on the students’ process to learn, How they performtheir performance and their doing.

The quality of their process will be assessed evaluated day in and day out day after day, including their attendance, creativity, communication skills, adaptability, and respect.

Their learning improvements when in front of their own mistakes will also be evaluated, as well their attitude towards their mates and teachers, towards possible challenges and how they face and solve them.

Their learning progress, in the face of their own mistakes, will also be assessed, as well as their attitudes towards their mates and teachers, toward possible challenges, and how they confront and resolve them.

Last week of the Program the students will work out a final project challenge to check all they have learned. refrased

In the final week of the program, students will complete a final project challenge, to check everything they had learned.

Individual activities ___ %
Team work ___ %
Final project ___%
Attendance and attitude ___ %

  • Student with teacher in Joviat
  • Students cooking in the kitchen of Joviat's restaurant
  • Student preparing paella in Joviat restaurant